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03.07.2024 Public

Land Corruption Working Group Meeting- Free, prior and informed consent: a check on corrupt practices in the land sector

In this session, the Land Corruption working group will bring together experts from the private sector and civil society to discuss how "free, prior, and informed consent" can prevent corruption.
27.06.2024 Public

Open Data Working Group Meeting- How to use beneficial ownership data to tackle corruption and promote value chain integrity

In this session the Open Data working group will be featuring Alanna Markle and Agustina De Luca from Open Ownership to discuss on how to use beneficial ownership data to tackle corruption.
15.05.2024 Public

Financial flows associated with illegal wildlife trade: lessons from case reviews in South Africa

A public Follow-the-Money Working Group meeting on financial flows associated with the illegal wildlife trade in South Africa and lessons learned from case reviews.
18.04.2024 Public

5th plenary session: Gender-sensitive approaches to addressing environmental corruption

At the upcoming plenary session of the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum, we will delve into the critical topic of gender and environmental corruption.
04.04.2024 Public

New trends in measuring corruption: practical advice for practitioners and researchers

A public Open Data Working Group discussion on indirect corruption indicators and data sources.
20.03.2024 Public

The U.S. role in illicit financial flows related to environmental crimes in the Amazon

A public Follow-the-Money Working Group meeting on the United States' role in tackling illicit financial flows related to environmental crimes in the Amazon, featuring key speakers from the FACT Coalition.
07.03.2024 Public

Carbon Schemes: Emerging Land Corruption Risks in Carbon Markets

The joint session of the Climate Finance and Land Corruption Working Groups will explore how the world of carbon credits impacts land administration.
30.01.2024 Public

How to visualize data effectively

This meeting of the Open Data Working Group will explore ways to visualize data related to environmental corruption effectively.
17.01.2024 Public

Closed case reviews in financial investigations of illegal wildlife trade

Presentation of a new report on the "closed case method" – multi-agency financial investigations of closed illegal wildlife trade cases.

4th Plenary Meeting

At the 4th plenary meeting of the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum we will discuss the experiences of practitioners on the frontlines of countering corruption.

How to Engage the Finance Industry in the Fight Against Cross-Border Corruption: Tackling Money Laundering in the Wildlife Setting

This workshop explored the immense potential that cooperation with financial institutions may bring to the anti-corruption movement in the context of the wildlife crime setting.

Environmental Corruption: Building Bridges Across Conservation and Anti-Corruption Practice to Stop Environmental Corruption from the Ground Up

This workshop at the 2022 International Anti-Corruption Conference highlighted the devastating impact of corruption on the environment and emphasized the need to place corruption, transparency, and integrity at the center of global agendas and investments aimed at safeguarding natural resources.