blog 29.05.2024


Applying a gender lens to environmental anti-corruption measures

This summary of the Forum's fifth plenary session explores experiences in taking gender into account when designing and assessing environmental anti-corruption measures.

blog 26.02.2024


Environmental corruption at CoSP10: growing awareness helps to build bridges between institutions

The 10th Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption (CoSP10) in December 2023 provided a platform dedicated to addressing environmental corruption. This blog summarises the main themes and the relevance of the Practitioners Forum in countering environmental corruption.

blog 01.10.2023


Mainstreaming anti-corruption in conservation: Dispelling myths and charting a path forward

In July 2023, 40 conservation and anti-corruption practitioners from 20 countries came together in Quito, Ecuador for the Anti-Corruption Learning and Strategy Workshop. Here, experts from WWF, TRAFFIC, Transparency International, the Basel Institute on Governance, and the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime took stock of learning from five years of anti-corruption work under TNRC and via complementary efforts and identified priorities for the environmental anti-corruption movement going forward. Drawing from key takeaways, this post dispels some common myths and charts a new course for impact.

blog 26.09.2023

Open data

Using open data to counter environmental corruption

This blog post outlines key issues and approaches discussed in 2023 meetings of the Countering Environmental Crime Practitioners Forum Open Data Working Group. This Working Group brings together a circle of interested practitioners from the conservation and anti-corruption communities for active collaboration.

blog 01.09.2023


"Following-the-money" in environmental crime cases: Lessons from experience

This post reflects on learning from cases and experiences shared in the first six months of Follow-the-Money (FTM) Working Group meetings led by the Basel Institute on Governance under the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum.

blog 01.03.2023

Land corruption

Collaboration avenues: Targeting land corruption

This blog post outlines key issues and approaches discussed in 2023 meetings of the Land Corruption Working Group.

blog 09.12.2022

Land corruption

Strengthen alliances to counter environmental corruption

A new practitioners forum brings together some of the world’s leading conservation and anti-corruption organizations: Transparency International, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TRAFFIC, and the Basel Institute on Governance. Our challenge: counter the environmental corruption that is enabling the destruction of our planet, undermining human rights, and threatening the global transformation to environmentally sustainable economies.