Public 04.04.2024

Open data

New trends in measuring corruption: practical advice for practitioners and researchers

Detecting and measuring corruption is notoriously difficult. Law enforcement data capture only a fraction of reality, opinion surveys reflect perceptions that may be biased or out of date, and looking at missing funds may not account for non-financial costs of bribery.

In this Open Data Working Group meeting, Mihaly Fazekas will lead a discussion on indirect corruption indicators and data sources.

Mihaly is a director of the Government Transparency Institute and an assistant professor at Central European University in Vienna. He has worked on multiple projects measuring corruption, including looking at the costs of corruption in health and education in Africa, investigating fraud in sanitation and water delivery schemes and detecting corruption through data in development aid projects. In 2020 he won the prestigious IMF Anti-Corruption Challenge with his big data approach to screening public procurement deals.

The meeting will be held on Zoom in English. It is open to current members of the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum and its Open Data Working Group, as well as those potentially interested in joining.

  • Date and time: 4 April, 15.00 CET, 09.00 ET, 21:00 SGT
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